Ups and Downs

I’ve been struggling a little bit lately in my recovery. Sometimes it is so easy to give in to the negative voice in my head. I wanted to address to anyone who is struggling, that there are always ups and downs in recovery and having a bad day, week, year, etc. doesn’t mean that you can get back up and try again. Perfection isn’t real and thinking that it is, can be dangerous and detrimental… I found this quote once and I keep it stored in my phone for whenever I feel vulnerable. I hope this can provide some hope for you:

“Binge on life. Purge negativity. Starve guilty feelings. Restrict unhappy thoughts. Count blessings, not calories. The only weight you ever want to lose is the weight of the world on your shoulders.”  


12 Things People Don’t Understand About Eating Disorders

I love BuzzFeed. They have hilarious articles that I can always seem to relate to and they also have important articles that are important and eye opening. This is one of those articles. 



Click the pic or the link to read the article! It’s so important for people to try and understand this misunderstood disease.


This is honestly the most accurate depiction of depression I have ever seen. Depression isn’t something people can just “snap out of”. It’s very serious and can be life threatening if gone untreated.

Stop Apologizing

I was reading an article in Cosmo recently and I actually read something that struck me as really important. It was all about how women (and people in general) need to stop apologizing for things that don’t require any sort of apology. There have been many times that I have apologized for things that made me, me and that isn’t OK. We need to stop apologizing for who we are. I was talking with my friends and I admitted that I like One Direction and I immediately followed that statement with “I’m sorry”, then I thought why am I apologizing? I like them. If my friends can’t handle that, they aren’t true friends anyway. This is just one silly example but I know there are plenty of times when I find myself saying “sorry” for no reason.

We need to start owning up to who we are. I am me and I am proud of that!

Here are some steps I found to help with this pesky problem:

  • Know when it’s an appropriate time to be sorry. There are times when apologizing is acceptable. If you spill a bottle of ketchup on your friends new white bag or if you ask a women when she is “due” and she isn’t pregnant, an apology is certainly warranted.
  • Noticing that you apologize a lot. If you are saying sorry many times a day, it is probable that they are unnecessary. It seems, in my case at least, that I apologize to people that I am intimidated by and then if I think I’m apologizing too much I’ll apologize for too much apologizing… AHH! It’s a viscous cycle.
  • Be honest with others and, most importantly, YOURSELFDon’t say sorry for things that make you happy! If you love it, then love it and kick out the people that judge you for it.

Hope this was helpful!




Reducing Anxiety

Reducing Anxiety

I found this on BuzzFeed a while ago and I found it really helpful. As someone who has suffered panic attacks in the past, I know it can be really hard to calm yourself down when you feel really anxious. When I saw this I wrote down the different things in my journal and now I refer to it whenever I feel like I am getting anxiety. These things are also great for people who don’t suffer from anxiety but just need a little pick me up.

Click the pic to go to the link!

About Me

Hey guys! Fist post… I have a had a few blogs in the past but I’ve realized that each one of them lacked a clear focus on what I wanted to write about. Now that I have done some soul searching I think I have finally found my voice.

So let me start with a little about me. I am a 20-something from North New Jersey and I am in graduate school getting my Master’s in teaching. I love movies, singing, bowling (yeah, bowling) and cooking.

I have also been battling an eating disorder for almost 6 years. It isn’t always easy but I’m working towards recovery. Every day is different but I am trying to find the right balance in my life and learn to love my body and myself again. I think this is something that many people struggle with. I’m really excited to get started and try to inspire you because I know that you will be inspiring to me!